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ICD-10 Critical Changes The time for ICD-10 is almost here. Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) will not have any more delays and the deadline of October 1, 2014 is quickly approaching. If your practice does not have activities in place to ensure an accurate transition your revenue will be affected negatively.At Synergy Billing we have taken a proactive approach to help you overcome the obstacles created by ICD-10.
FQHC Revenue Health How is the financial health of your FQHC or CHC? If your collections are 75% or less this Revenue Maximization Webinar is a must! Let M. Jayson Meyer show you how to increase collection up to 97% The presentation is designed for CFO's and other CHC executives. Attendees of the Synergy Billing educational webinar will have an understanding of the most common billing problems CHC's face along with recommendations for fixing these problems.
FQHC Billing Evaluation Industry wide the average Health Center has an insurance billing and collection rate of 78%. Since medical billing is the “lifeblood” that fuels growth for FQHC’s it’s essential to collect every dollar. When it comes to billing and collections Synergy Billing is the leader! Let us give you a few tips on maximizing revenue and increasing your collection rate.
Professional Billing vs. Rookie Billing If you are struggling with billing and collections a professional medical billing service may just be what the doctor ordered.  Let’s examine the symptoms: cash flow slowdowns, 5010, ICD10, CMS audits, HITECH Act, EHR conversions, health information exchanges, and ever changing regulations.  

Why Outsource Your Billing?

Not everyone knows the intricacies of FQHC billing. The average community health center has a collection rate of 78%. At Synergy Billing our clients experience collection rates between 90%-97%.
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We have a proven track record of increasing client collection rates to 97%+. Our revenue optimization services lead to an average increase of 10%-15% in revenue.
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Community Health Center Billing for FQHC and CHC

professional medical billing serviceSpecialized medical billing solutions for FQHC's with guaranteed collection rates with a proven track record of success.The billing process for Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) and Community Health Centers (CHC) is unique and sometimes complicated. Community health centers face a number of billing challenges such as accepting minimum payments, sliding fee schedules and payment plans. Sometimes care is offered at little or no cost so it is important for your billing company to be familiar with these situations. That is why it is critically important to choose the right medical billing company for your business. 

A competent, professional medical billing company will increase your returns. Additionally, a medical billing service will be more efficient at medical billing than your in-house staff. When you partner with a medical billing company you will be free to focus your attention on serving your patients. Also, there are countless financial benefits to using a professional medical billing company! You will collect more of your money, faster, and at a lower cost than if you were to hire full-time employees to do the work.

doctor and patientNo matter the size of your health center, the people in charge of getting everyone paid have a key role. Medical billing is vital to the success of any Community Health Center. Outsourcing your medical billing will make achieving success easier. Joining forces with Synergy Billing will help your center be more profitable and efficient. With Synergy Billing handling all your medical billing, it will allow your center to focus on the needs of your patients!  As a physician, owner or center administrator this means fewer problems and increased revenue.

While there may be many companies that offer medical billing services, Synergy stands out as the clear leader for Community Health Centers. We take health center integration to a new level.  Our software engineers are experts on the most common and cutting edge practice management applications for Health Centers, and our billing staff have both countless years of health center billing experience, and a rigorous course of continuing education to ensure proper security and efficiency.

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