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MedOffice knows that there is nothing more vital to your business than keeping track of your payments.

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MedOffice medical billing software has the leading A/R module in the industry. Our engineers spent weeks designing and redesigning the operation of this critical practice management task. Our module simplifies the process of recording and applying insurance, patient, and capitation payments. Once any sum is entered, you can apply it directly to specific claims and charges. A clear display always shows you how much of the payment remains to be applied, so you can track with accuracy your receivables.

The main A/R screen also allows you to view a history of all payments and click through how each one was applied over multiple line items, so you can never lose track of a payment. And when a claim is completely paid from all sources (patient, primary insurance, secondary, etc.), you can mark it as Complete and MedOffice medical billing software will automatically calculate any remaining write-off.

All in all, the A/R Module is sure to handle your accounting needs and will help you finally take control over your receivables.

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